YoungstaCPT scandal unravels after Live Stream

January 15, 2021

His “side-chick” spilled the beans in a video which has since been removed from social media, but you can watch a copy of them in this article.

In a recent live stream by Kaylin Kylie Rispel, YoungstaCPT has been accused of cheating on his long-time girlfriend, Celine Meyer. At the time of the scandalous affair (2017 – 2019) YoungstaCPT was confirmed to be in a long term relationship Meyer, one which he openly spoke about in interviews.

In the video, Rispel says that she met YoungstaCPT, or Riyadh Roberts, as an extra on the set of the We Go Bos music video.

“So we had met each other and he came to greet me and my friend. So, at this point, I didn’t know he had a girlfriend,” Rispel said in the video.

It was apparently only later on that she noticed his girlfriend on set and she was able to determine that YoungstaCPT was indeed in a relationship. Rispel openly admits that she had some feelings of jealousy when figuring out that Meyer was dating Roberts, saying that she felt a “weird energy” while in her presence. 

Hereafter, the two had developed a friendship, which appears to have become serious.

“I told him I don’t want any part of this. ‘I don’t want to talk to you anymore, like let’s just leave it,’” Rispel says she told YoungstaCPT when he continued to pursue her.

Later on, he told her that he broke up with his girlfriend. Only then did Rispel agree to meet him at his apartment in Wynberg one evening. YounstaCPT allegedly stays with his mother, according to Rispel. 

Throughout their relationship, Rispel says that YoungstaCPT had insisted that he was still not dating Meyer

“He would always Uber me back and forth. It was like R250 back and forth. I don’t know why I was okay with that. I am disgusted in myself. I would even skip work,” she elaborated. “He couldn’t drop me because he doesn’t have a car and doesn’t know how to drive,” she added.

At one of his concerts at the River Club, Rispel remembers seeing YoungstaCPT with his girlfriend, Celine Meyer, who he initially said he had broken up with. Up until this point, “nothing much happened, it was just friendly vibes” Rispel maintains. 

Rispel says that thinking back, she realises how sad the whole situation was and that she can’t believe she willingly put herself through something like that. 

In a Facebook comment, she refers to herself as his “side-chick” from 2017 to 2019. 

Apparently, when Rispel and Roberts were just friends, they were fine with each other. Rispel said in the video that once you get close to him, like she did during their relationship, he becomes a lot less friendly. Rispel is honest about the fact that she liked the idea of their relationship even though YoungstaCPT was dating someone else. 

“It’s like our little secret,” she said. She goes on to thank her friends for “knowing what this bra” put her through and never revealing anything about the affair. 

It appears that Rispel and Roberts were still in communication recently. In what is perceived to be a threat, Rispel said that they had a video call three weeks ago and that she “keeps all her k*k.”

Fans are divided after the video surfaced. Some feel that YoungstaCPT, who has always been an advocate and role model for young South Africans, has let them down because of this promiscuous behaviour. Others are calling Rispel out for using such a public platform to expose YoungstaCPT. In the video, she says that her idea with her live broadcast was to only tell a few of her friends and that she doesn’t want the mass media to know. She goes on to say that she knows the backlash will eventually come, however.

YoungstaCPT has yet to release a statement about the allegations made in the video. Celine Meyer’s Instagram account has since been deleted too. 

The original live video has been removed from Facebook, but screen recordings of the live stream have surfaced.

Click on the links below to see recordings of the Live Stream

*These videos contain strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Last year, media personality Katlego Maboe faced similar allegations which were also made on social media. This has left many questioning the current state of social media and whether or not content of a defamatory nature should be censored by these platforms to protect people’s reputations. On the other hand, some argue that freedom of expression is the cornerstone of these debates.