You’ll soon be able to post on Instagram from your desktop

October 21, 2021

This is part of a host of new features the platform is getting.

Instagram recently announced that it is gearing up to release a range of new features, including the ability to post from your desktop device.

Until now, users could only post on Instagram from their computers if they used Chrome’s developer tools or Facebook’s Creator Studio. The latter has, however, been known to be buggy when it comes to processing Instagram posts and the ability to post directly on Instagram’s desktop website should be a welcome addition to their capabilities.

The updates are expected to roll out from today onwards in a staggered global launch.

Another exciting feature that is being added to Feeds is a fundraiser feature. Basically, it lets you raise money for various charities through posts on your feed, similar to the same feature Facebook has been boasting for some time.

Reels are receiving the majority of the attention in this round of updates.

Among other things, Reels is getting Dynamic Lyrics and Superbeats. Dynamic Lyrics lets you display 3D lyrics for the track you’ve put over your video in time with its rhythm. The latter feature is meant to apply relevant special effects to music-centric videos according to the beats of your chosen track.

Collabs are also heading to Reels. It allows users to collaborate with each other on Reels and Feed posts. Users can invite their friends as collaborators on their posts via the tagging screen of a new post. If the other user accepts, both accounts will appear as the creators of the content in question. The content will also be shared collectively to their followers and interactions, views and engagements will be combined in the final statistics of the post.