You can now get Tesla chargers in SA

September 23, 2021

They cost about R11K per unit.

Have you always dreamed about owning your own Tesla, but the practicalities of charging one at home were just too great to make you seal the deal? Well, Tesla wall chargers have officially dropped in South Africa, which takes us one step closer to seeing more Tesla cars on local roads.

The Tesla Wall Charger is being distributed in the country by Rubicon. Speaking to MyBroadband, they confirmed that the units cost R11 000 each.

According to the marketing material that comes with the Wall Charger, it is very easy to install inside or outside your home. In terms of charging benefits, it adds up to 71km range in one hour’s charge. It also offers a variety of power settings, is compatible with different voltages, and includes a charging cable up to a whopping 7.3m if you opt for it.

The units all boast a feature called “power-share” which basically allows you to charge two cars simultaneously. Currently, the charging unit can work with a range of Teslas already being sold in South Africa, like the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

The charger can connect to your wifi network to receive crucial updates. It also uses the internet to alert you about any issues it encounters during a charge so that you are in total control of your Tesla’s “refueling” right from your laptop or phone.

Other electric cars, like those produced by Jaguar, are also compatible with the Tesla Wall Charger.