“Werewolf” spotted in Beaufort West

July 14, 2021


South Africans were shook after a video of the mythical creature surfaced on social media

South Africans were shook after a video surfaced on social media that showed a werewolf in what appears to be the streets of Beaufort West.

The lycan – a subspecies of werewolf from mythological stories – seems to have been run over by a driver who took the video of the creature in its deceased state. In several voice notes that people sent around on WhatsApp, the incident was “confirmed”. Apparently, residents were so scared that many decided to lock themselves indoors out of fear of being attacked by other, similar creatures. 

Other voice notes, though, suggest that the werewolf was not hit with a car, but actually shot by someone else who came across the animal.

People can, however, relax because the video is fake and the voice notes being sent around are merely reactions to the false information.

The clip is from a Portuguese film called “Lobisomem Morto a Tiros” which translates to “werewolf shot to death.”


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A few weeks ago, the same video surfaced in Nigeria and citizens in that country were also in absolute terror, thinking the creatures from horror movies are real and ready to strike at any minute. 

What we know about werewolves is that they are really nothing more than pure fiction.