Vodacom launches their VodaPay super app in South Africa.

July 1, 2021


It’s meant to make it easier for businesses to build their own apps, among other things.

Vodacom has been hard at work to create what it calls a “super app” in the form of VodaPay. Now, they have finally released the app and people can have a look at it. The main focus of VodaPay is to allow people or companies to accept payments, no matter who they bank with. This essentially turns Vodacom into a sort of financial institution. The other big feature is that the super app is meant to be a kind of digital mall. Companies can easily develop small “mini apps” that run and live on the super app. Users who use VodaPay will be able to browse different mini apps, all from one main app. According to Vodacom, this is the first of its kind in SA. Businesses like Builder’s Warehouse, Makro, Exclusive Books and Game have already signed up to put their own mini apps on VodaPay.