Yay Abe & Best Jr collab with Volkswagen to create limited edition merch.

August 11, 2021


Volkswagen has decided to collaborate with local creators to produce a line of limited edition merchandise which fans of their cars can purchase. Two of the artists currently featured on their online store are Yay Abe and Best Jr Keamogetswe Ncube.

Hailing from the streets of Cape Town, Yay Abe believes in using bold, colourful styles to express his creative thoughts. Apparently this comes from the fact that he enjoys the vibrant streets of the Mothercity. He describes himself as an artist who pushes the boundaries and promotes street art wherever possible.

“At some point, I realised I could tuck away and stack different scenes on top of each other to create a sort of pattern that holds surprises for my audience,” Yay explained when asked about his unique style. 

Yay added that he wants his art to communicate a strong narrative and inspire people to really think about the messages he places in his creations.

Among the clothing items in his collection are socks, bucket hats and mens and ladies shirts. 

The second artist featured on Volkswagen’s merch store is Best Jr Keamogetswe Ncube. He comes from Pretoria and his style exhibits a great deal of versatility. He has explained that his style ranges from both very abstract illustrations to realistic works. 

Best feels inspired mostly by his hometown of Pretoria.

“What inspires the creation of a lot of my pieces is the influence of the vibrant and energy-filled culture of Pretoria. This has aided me in producing an abstract and obscure view of creating an art piece whether for myself or for the public eye to consume,” he offered.

As part of his collection, fashion lovers can also get bucket hats, socks, and shirts in both mens and ladies’ cuts. 

It is understood that Volkswagen will continue to roll out more collaborations with local talent in the future.
Browse the clothing items here.