Two Oceans Aquarium rescues loggerhead turtle

June 2, 2020

The turtle was found near Hout Bay yesterday.

A big loggerhead sea turtle was rescued yesterday by the Two Oceans Aquarium after it was spotted floating listlessly near Hout Bay. The Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation‘s rehab team will give the turtle all the care it needs to return to its healthy and natural state. According to the aquarium, the turtle might be as old as 70 years! They are performing health checks on the turtle this week and will probably only be able to determine its approximate age later on. The aquarium said that they are glad to have been able to rescue the turtle, as it probably would not have survived if no one had intervened. The rehab team is geared towards conserving sea turtles and thus hopes that they can make a difference in the life expectancy of the turtle.