Two Mitchells Plain designers take the SA fashion industry by storm

October 13, 2021

All their items sold out at their recent fashion show.

Two local designers from Mitchells Plain have taken the SA fashion industry by storm after all of their items that were on display at a fashion show recently sold out almost instantly.

Angelique Johannes and Steven Carolus are two friends who decided to create their own line of clothes. They have been working in the retail space for quite some time and they’ve always been passionate about fashion. They’ve been friends since high school.

The duo was delighted when lockdown regulations recently changed to alert level 1, which allowed them to host the fashion show they’ve been dreaming about. According to them, they’ve been planning the show for months now.

Johannes and Carolus spoke to News24 and in that interview, they said that they are beyond satisfied with how their first fashion show, hosted at Cedar High School, went. All of the models and designers who were part of the runway production hail from the Cape Flats, making this a truly local project.

The show, which took place on 2 October, saw more than 200 guests in attendance. Previously, they hosted a similar fashion show in 2019, which was attended by only half that amount.

In the interview with News24, the two designers explained that they decided to call the show the “Mitchells Plain Fashion Show” because all the participants walking across the runway are from that area. They also put out a call on social media inviting local designers to use the platform as a means to get their creations out there. To their surprise, there were quite a few fashion students and eager designers who opted to be part of the project.

The friends went on to explain that they wanted to make their fashion show inclusive, which is why they tried to feature a diverse group of models.

“We wanted to be more relatable for the audience. Society portrays these perfect bodies on TV and magazines and we wanted to keep it real in our show and showcase that fuller body types can make fashion look even sexier,” Carolus said to News24.
The local designers said that from here, they are eager to go even bigger with the Mitchells Plain Fashion Show. Next year, they hope to attract even more guests and to fill an even larger venue, all while promoting the wonders of the local fashion scene.