Tionè says she doesn’t believe in Love Island SA’s ‘girl code’

April 8, 2021


She also said that the girls definitely have cliques

Tionè was one of the most recent contestants to be dumped from the Love Island SA Villa. Her stay was rather short, lasting just over a week. During her time, she didn’t have a chance to form a true connection with any of the boys.

“I am disappointed that I left the Villa. But I didn’t find a true connection. If I stayed longer, I would have loved to couple up with Ross,” Tionè explained.

She also indicated that she would have liked to try and pull Xavier away from his new lover, Mischka. Unfortunately, they were just too in love for her to stand a chance.  According to her, though, she has no regrets about not being able to action her plan.

We asked Tionè what the worst part of staying in the Villa was.

“The worst part was keeping up this facade of ‘girl code’”, she stated. 

She says that she is not anyone’s friend in the Villa and that she has no loyalty to anyone on the Island. Tionè firmly believes that everyone is on the show firmly for themselves.

“But you don’t need to snake your way,” she added, saying that she believes she was respectful throughout the show to the other girls who were in solid relationships. 

Tionè confirmed that she feels the girls in the Villa definitely have cliques. She made it clear that when she initially entered Love Island, she could feel they weren’t her friends and that there were times she felt unwelcome by some of the girls.

Despite this, she added that after her stay on Love Island, she now knows that you need to create opportunities for yourself. You can’t simply wait for them to come to you. 

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