The Western Cape is now the epicentre of the third wave of COVID-19 infections

August 2, 2021

29% of all new infections now come from this province.

The Western Cape has officially surpassed Gauteng as the epicentre of the third wave of COVID-19 infections. For the majority of this wave, Gauteng was hit hard by new infections and hospitalizations. 

Now, the Western Cape is responsible for 29% of all new Coronavirus infections in South Africa, while Gauteng accounts for 27%. Over the weekend, the provincial government warned that the health system in this province is now under a lot of pressure.

The provincial health department revealed that trauma and critical care facilities are currently at 110% capacity as it is. The sale of alcohol, which has recently been reopened, has caused an increase in trauma cases.

Acting Health Minister Mammoloko Kubayi warned that South Africans must play their part as we exit the third wave: “This requires all of us to ensure that we do what we can to bring the number of infections and number of deaths down.”

Officials have also emphasised that getting vaccinated is not a pass to ignore other health and safety protocols. Even for those who are vaccinated, it is possible to get infected or to spread the virus.