The Father: a drama that will haunt you for days

March 30, 2021


Anthony Hopkins’ latest movie was nominated for 6 Oscars. 

A movie about dementia might not sound all that interesting. That is until you mention that the acting legend, Anthony Hopkins, gives what is arguably the best performance of his career in that film. 

The Father is a new drama movie about an old man and his battle with old age. In particular, the movie takes viewers on the roller coaster journey Hopkins’ character endures when it comes to the slow degradation and loss of his memory.

The movie is structured in such a way that viewers are almost just as confused as the main character. Certain people in the movie are often confused with one another, we are unsure about the main character’s exact whereabouts and we see him forgetting tragic events, like the death of his one daughter. 

Olivia Colman, from The Crown-fame, stars alongside Hopkins as the main character’s surviving daughter. The film takes viewers into the heart of her suffering as she has to deal with her father’s memory loss. We see how it not only takes a toll on her own mental state but how it bears down on her marriage and relationships. Above all, though, it is Colman’s character’s enduring love for her ailing father that really hits home for viewers.

Anthony Hopkins did a marvelous job of owning the main character in The Father. Although not typically a physical character, in this role, he placed a lot of focus on small gestures and mannerisms that make his character all the more real. Viewers can’t help but connect with him as we go down the rabbit hole of his condition

During a recent interview, Hopkins said that during filming, he was at one stage moved to real tears when he contemplated his own mortality. One thing is certain: viewers will likely encounter the same feeling by the end of the film.

The Father has bagged 6 Oscar nominations, including one for Best Picture.