In New Zealand, drive-thrus have opened.

At some KFCs, the queues blocked the roads and they ran out of chicken. In New Zealand, the lockdown relaxations brought about the chance for people to visit drive-thrus again. At many KFCs across the country, people formed massive queues to get their hands on the Colonel’s famous fried chicken. Some of these lines were […]

Police arrest 41 religious people who gathered to pray.

The police were under fire after a video emerged showing the improper manner in which they affected the arrests. Over the weekend, the police have arrested some 41 people who gathered to pray at two different locations. This weekend marked the start of Ramadan and many are faced with the challenge of celebrating this period […]

Too hot to handle is taking the internet by storm.

Although the new Netflix series is causing mixed reactions, people in lockdown are definitely binge-watching it. the trend of other love-inspired shows, like Love Island, where guests stay in a mansion and have their every move taped. In Too hot to handle, however, the catch is that guests are not allowed to have sex or […]

Lego photoshoots.

photographer from the UK is creating and posting these unique scenes. A photographer in the UK, Chris Wallace, has started creating and capturing unique lego scenes while in lockdown. As a photographer, he faced many cancellations, especially for wedding shoots he was booked for. He took to his lego collection to recreate wedding scenes using […]

The Gerbil Museum.

 A museum created for a couple in lockdown’s mice. People all over the world are feeling inspired to create unique works of art. A couple from London decided that they would create an art museum for their rodent pets. The miniature museum features mice-versions of famous artworks like The Girl with a Pearl Earring and […]

Need to walk your dog during lockdown?

No problem, just use a drone like this guy from the US did. Lockdowns all over the world have been forcing people to rethink the ways in which they go about their daily activities. A man living in the USA used a drone to walk his dog while he is stuck in lockdown. The man […]

Digital quarantine parties on the rise.

DJ Shimza hosted a massive online party that lasted six hours and featured some of SA’s hottest acts. It seems like quarantine and lockdown won’t keep South Africans from partying and staying positive. DJ Shimza recently hosted an online party with acts like DJs Zinhle, PH, Darque and Kabza. The party was streamed live on […]