Enjoy New York-inspired breakfast by Mulberry and Prince.


The popular eatery is now doing deliveries every day of the week. Mulberry & Prince is one of the most iconic breakfast spots in Cape Town. Under normal circumstances, they only opened on Saturdays and Sundays for guests to enjoy their classic New York style cuisine. Now, however, they are delivering their popular food items […]

Enjoy ‘Fyn’ dining at home.


You can now order delivery meals from this established fine dining restaurant in Cape Town. Fyn is an established fine-dining eatery in Cape Town. With the latest level 4 lockdown regulations, restaurants are permitted to accept orders for delivery only. Fyn has exclusively been a sit-down restaurant, but in an effort to raise some income […]

City in lockdown, New drone footage shows a hauntingly quiet Cape Town.

In a new drone video that was uploaded to YouTube yesterday by drone company, Step Above, Cape Town can be seen as an empty ghost town. The drone footage covers all major parts of Cape Twon, like the CBD, Hout Bay and Sea Point. With very few cars and no movement of people in sight, […]