South Africans are not happy with the EFF for sharing a clip of DJ Fresh.

July 27, 2021

People are saying they are giving a person accused of rape a platform, which is dangerous.

DJ Fresh’s rape accusations has not been a hot topic in Mzanzi over the course of the past few months, although it was back when the allegations just surfaced. Fresh has denied the claims and continues to do so to this day. The EFF is in hot water after they shared a video clip of Fresh wishing the party a happy birthday. In the clip, Fresh can be seen with a big smile on his face as he shares his well wishes while speaking in Setswana. South Africans voiced their outrage after the clip was posted, saying that the EFF is irresponsible to give a rape accused person a platform to voice their views, even if it is about something as mundane as a political party’s birthday. The argument goes that by doing this, they are helping to suppress the voices of rape survivors, which has been a tendency in our society for too long. Here are some of the reactions:

“Delete this nonsense. @Julius_S_Malema how can you allow this nonsense mara wena. A whole rape accused. Aowa.” – @sthebeworldwide

“Shame…he is trying to make a comeback and backing all horses” – @DontTrustTheFl1

“A whole rape accused is wishing you guys a happy birthday, might as well call Euphonik to do the same” – @FuturePrezidet