South Africa could move to level 2 of the lockdown next week

February 23, 2021

Level 2 will see shorter curfew hours, less strict measures on alcohol sales and will allow for more people to gather at events.

According to the renowned financial institution, Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), South Africa will likely go down to level 2 of the lockdown in March. This comes after a decline in Coronavirus infections over the past few weeks. 

The vaccination drive, which is well underway, is also helping to drive the possible downgrade to a lower lockdown level. 

South Africa has only once been on level 2 of the lockdown. It is the most short-lived level the country has seen, with the last restrictions lasting only 30 days before the government again adjusted the regulations.  Many initially thought the country would move to level 2 at the start of February, but instead, South Africa was placed on an “adjusted” level 3 lockdown. 

PWC has issued a comprehensive forecast for the future of South Africa’s lockdowns, taking all possible scenarios into account. One model sees all lockdown regulations by October. Another, however, sees an aggressive third wave plunge the country back to level 5 by June. Only time will truly tell what the outcome will be. 

Although the Presidency has not yet announced that the president will address the nation, some have speculated that he might call a family meeting on Sunday evening. Level 2 of the lockdown will see shorter curfew hours, more lenient alcohol trading hours and relaxations in terms of how many people may gather at events.  

Level 1 probably won’t be on the cards until Spring, so that the country can first get through a possible “winter resurgence”.