Sneak Peek: Nike Air Woven.

June 23, 2021


Release date: TBA Price: R2 500

Nike has announced that it will bring back its Air Woven sneakers later this year. The shoes will be available in a variety of multicoloured options that are guaranteed to stand out among the crowd. This is not the first time they have dropped woven shoes – in the year 2000 they initially released similar sneakers that ended up being very popular. 


Nike Brings Back The Air Woven With New Multi-Colored Uppers


Their new sneakers will be made from more high-tech, durable material. It also features the latest sneaker technology to give wearers a more comfortable feel. True to form, the sneaker will be a slip-on shoe. A release date has not been announced yet, but the shoes will cost about R2 500 when they finally do arrive.