Siv Ngesi’s latest Instagram post is causing a stir online

April 20, 2021

Although users agree with his sentiment, they don’t approve of the actual video he put up.

Siv Ngesi recently posted a video on Instagram of a goose being kicked by a horse. His caption read: “What must happen to all those celebrating and politicising the #CapeTownfire (relax the animal is fine)”. Although many of his fans agree with his sentiment, they don’t like the actual contents of the video, saying it is unlike him to post content like that. 



“This is an awful video, I doubt very much it’s fine a kick like that with a shoe (horse is wearing steel shoes) not your usual post … but agree with your sentiment … just not this video clip,” one user said. On Twitter, Siv lashed back saying that some people are just too woke and that they end up being blind and stupid. Check out the video below and decide for yourself. Be warned, though, as it may upset sensitive viewers.


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