Siv Ngesi has won his first international pole dancing competition

May 11, 2021


He started practicing the sport last year.

Siv Ngesi started taking an interest in pole dancing last year. He started going to classes to learn more about this rather unique sport.

 Apparently, his first lesson only took place in December 2020. In just a few months, Siv has managed to learn a lot by the looks of it. 

The celeb has recently won an international pole dancing competition! The event was presented by pole dancing marketplace, Kyanna.Me. 

Siv took to Twitter and Instagram to announce his new achievement. 

“Don’t sleep this sport guys!” his tweet read. 

He also shared some photos of himself performing his winning moves on Instagram.


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“I won my first international pole dancing competition! Thanks for pushing me coach Leda Botha. Now let’s go get my SA title,” said Siv, clearly showing his ambition to take his skills to the next level.

Siv has had his fans in mixed emotions after he made it public that he is pursuing this sport. Speaking to another publication last year, Siv said that his pole dancing journey is part of his mission to redefine and rediscover his masculinity. 

Similarly, Siv has created an alter ego in the form of a drag queen to also underpin this goal.


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