Season 01


Faf & OVO Giant
Social Commentators
Keanan Prinsloo is a LLB Law graduate and currently working in the online gambling world as an Anti-Money Laundering Manager. But aside from his corporate career Keanan is a keen music, entertainment and sporting commentator. Keanan has a deep love for podcasting as it is an unscripted and unfiltered form of media, that allows for relatable discussions and out of the box opinions. With his legal background, Keanan believes in supporting his opinions with actual evidence and enjoys doing research on the topics discussed in The Red Cup Podcast. With an alias like OvO Giant, Keanan makes it clear that he is a massive Drake fan and most possibly the only unobjective stance he will take is when it is in regards to Drake.
Francois van Louw is a media and tech entrepreneur and has founded GoBinge, Just Brands Africa and SocoTech. Having produced various pieces of content as executive producer, he finally took the leap to place himself in front of the camera. He keeps himself informed about the latest trends in the business of popular culture ranging from music, fashion, film, digital marketing and lifestyle. His business and marketing experience creates a great dialogue between himself and his co-host, and he always tries to add informed information to the discussions being had. His nickname, Faf – Fresh as F*ck also means business when it comes down to the drip game.