Scientists want to send 6.7 million sperm samples to the moon

March 15, 2021


They are calling it an “arc” for humanity.

In a bizarre move to preserve the future of human life, a group of researchers wants to send about 6.7 million sperm samples to the moon. They are calling it a “modern global insurance policy”. 

The project is dubbed the “lunar arc”. The sperm samples will be rocketed off to the moon in multiple payloads and stored beneath its surface in a pit, for preservation. In fact, it could take about 250 trips to the moon to get the desired 6.7 million samples on the planet. 

This is similar to the Doomsday Capsure currently stored in Norway which holds millions of crop samples. 

The researchers behind this idea are from the University of Arizona. Their main motivation for this project is to save humanity from total extinction. Things they said could possibly lead to the end of human life include a deadly epidemic, a super-volcanic eruption, a large-scale nuclear war, widespread drought, or an asteroid.

Of course, a facility would need to be built on the moon to store the samples, even if in some sort of pit. This is mainly because of the subzero temperatures on the moon which could lead to the samples freezing, thus becoming unusable. 

The facility will need to be powered by solar energy to create an atmosphere ideal for storing sperm, ova and other samples. 

According to the lead researcher of this project, the mission would bring humankind so much closer to taking life to other planets, like Mars and the Moon. Other space companies, like SpaceX, have already started planning on how to colonise Mars.