SA to ban breeding lions in captivity

May 6, 2021


Specifically, the ban will put an end to trophy hunting of lions.

The government has revealed its plan to put an end to the trophy hunting of lions. It will do so by banning the captive breeding of the king of the jungle. 

Environment Minister Barbara Creecy announced the ban at a press conference, where she also said that “we must halt and reverse the domestication of lions through captive breeding and keeping”. 

The decision has not yet been formally entered into policy or law, but experts have warned that the government will receive a lot of backlash from commercial lion breeders who make loads of money out of lion hunting. In reaction to these concerns, Creecy said that the government is not trying to hurt the hunting industry. 

Apparently, regulated hunting will still be able to take place if the necessary documentation and regulations are in place. 

The minister mentioned that the current report on the situation also suggests that rules be put in place to put an end to cub petting and lion interactions at sanctuaries or zoos, especially as far as tourists are concerned. 

South Africa’s lion hunting industry has been the focus of harsh international criticism for some time. Particularly because some lions are bred and kept in captivity specifically for hunting purposes, leading animal rights activists to question if the interests of the animals are even being considered.

Creecy said that the point of the new rules is to provide locals and tourists with a more authentic hunting experience by still allowing hunting in the wild (if the regulations are met).