Rich Mnisi drops his 2021 collection

February 3, 2021

People are freaking out over a skirt in the collection that costs R60K!

The award-winning designer, Rich Mnisi, has dropped his 2021 collection which was long-awaited by his fans. Some internet users are, however, losing it over the high cost of some of the items, like a skirt which will set you back almost R60K. 

Titled Hiya Kaya 21, this collection celebrates the vaTsonga. It consists of Colliding Cities Bomber Jackets, night hoodies and forecast track pants, wave blouses and the most talked-about item, the xibelani skirt. 

Why is this one item so expensive? Well, it is made out of 5km of 100% merino wool, knotted on to nickel-plated d-rings and is attached to a leather waist belt made of 100% genuine calf nappa. All of these materials are rare and cost a pretty penny.

The main idea behind the new collection, called Hiya Kaya 21, is to pay homage to the vaTsonga. Traditionally, skirts similar to the one in this collection are worn by dancers at their performances. Sho Madjozi also frequently wore these kinds of traditional xibelani skirts at performances.

Mnisi is Tsonga himself and his fans have said that it is completely justified for him to use his culture and heritage in his artform. In fact, some even argued that he is forming a bridge between the Tsonga culture and the Western world through this piece. 

Many fashion-lovers have started seeing Rich Mnisi’s label as a luxury one, which would justify the high price of his new flagship skirt. Others, however, were not as impressed with the high price tag.

“MaXhosa and Rich Mnisi isn’t for everyone hey. Like it’s okay that their prices are like that because those are luxury brands just like Gucci or Fendi. People that afford just swipe and leave. Honestly, the chat is tired, ” said @OhMyDaysKamo on Twitter.

Other fans have compared Rich Mnisi to the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton, saying that it is completely his prerogative to choose the price he wants to sell his creations at.