Prince Kaybee has slammed entertainers with “zero talent”

July 27, 2021


He lashed out at the industry for preferring to celebrate people who went viral on the internet instead of people with true talent.

Prince Kaybee, acclaimed producer and DJ didn’t mince his words in his recent Tweets. He took aim at entertainers with what he calls “zero talent”. Apparently, he is not happy with the industry preferring to celebrate people that go viral on the internet instead of raw talent. “It’s called the entertainment industry not the talent industry, that’s why sometimes the talented don’t trend and those who are entertaining with zero talent trend. You can entertain people by being super talented the same way that you can entertain by lacking talent,” he tweeted. Naturally, his tweet unleashed a lot of backlash with people not really sure to which artists he is referring. However, Kaybee maintained that society ought to place a premium on people with actual talent instead of fly by night internet sensations.