Police confirm young man’s assault at Clifton

October 4, 2021

The incident took place on Friday as hundreds of matrics descended to the beach

Over the weekend, a video of a young man being brutally attacked on Clifton 4th Beach started doing the rounds. Late on Friday afternoon, hundreds of matrics descended onto the beach for their annual post-valedictory celebrations, which has become somewhat of an institution in Cape Town.

In the video, a group of teenagers is seen attacking the young man while a crowd of onlookers cheers them on. Colonel Andre Trait confirmed that Camps Bay Police and other law enforcement officers responded to the fight on Friday evening.

Although the young man was badly beaten up, he chose not to press charges against his attackers.

“It was established that an individual was assaulted, but he refused to lodge an official complaint,” Traut said.

On Twitter, users started spreading fake news that the victim had died. However, the police have confirmed this is not the case at all.

After the attack, the police continued to monitor the area and there was a high police presence in the vicinity over the weekend, but luckily no further violence was detected.

On social media, parents shared their outrage in the light of the attack, with some users even saying they refused to let their children join the traditional celebrations out of fear that they might get into some sort of trouble.

Unfortunately, incidents like this tend to happen more often than not and police won’t open a case unless the victim decides to press charges. Another issue is that to win in court, it is best to have the victim on the witness stand, but if the victim is not even willing to open a case, getting them to testify is nearly impossible.

According to the police the beach was clear by 19:30 on Friday and they are not aware of any other unrest relating to matric celebrations over the weekend.