Nicki Minaj crashed the Crocs website

May 12, 2021


She posted pics of herself wearing Crocs on Instagram, causing fans to rush to the official website.

Nicki Minaj certainly has serious influence over her fans. She recently made a comeback on Instagram after being quiet on the platform since January. In the photos of herself, she is wearing a bear of bright pink Crocs. 


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Although not the focus of the images, fans immediately rushed to the Crocs website to find the exact pair she was flaunting so that they could order themselves some too. The Crocs website wasn’t ready for the major influx of international users, though and crashed almost instantly. 

In just 15 hours since posting the image, she gained over 4 million likes. 

The Crocs website was eventually restored after some downtime. 

In her caption, Nicki Minaj simply put “Friday”. This very cryptic statement is leading many to think that she will be dropping something, like a new track, at the end of this week. Some are, however, of the opinion that she might actually be dropping a new fragrance with Chanel. 

In the photo she posted, one can see two Chanel bags in the background and it looks like she is posing in some kind of office for the shoot.

It seems like the WAP hitmaker is back on Instagram for good. Shortly after the mysterious Crocs and Chanel post, she posted another set of images of herself showing off another interesting dress.


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