New research suggests skirts are some of the most popular menswear items of the year

July 14, 2021

Some men have said they like the attention they get when wearing one in public.

It seems to be official: more men are buying skirts in 2021 than ever before. Vogue recently reported that the Lyst report of the hottest items of 2021’s second quarter ranks Browne’s menswear skirt in the top 10.

The Lyst Index is a quarterly ranking of fashion’s hottest brands and products. Lyst is a global fashion shopping platform, used by more than 150 million people each year to browse, discover and buy items from 17,000 brands and stores.

The formula behind The Lyst Index takes into account Lyst shopper behaviour, including conversion rates and sales.

According to the designer of this popular skirt for men, he says this is no surprise. Apparently, he has realised that skirts are a trend among men for quite some time. It is the first time that a skirt has entered the top 10 ranking on Lyst.

Speaking to Vogue, some men that own skirts say that they find it oddly comfortable. Further to this, they apparently really enjoy the attention they get when wearing one proudly in public.

Since 2018, more designers have included men’s skirts as part of their fashion collections. According to many fashion experts, this movement is part of the mission some brands have to do away with the confines of traditional gender roles.