New illusion dress takes TikTok by storm

October 20, 2021

It makes it look like it snatches your waist.

On TikTok, a new dress that gives the appearance that it snatches one’s waist has taken the social media platform by storm. Aptly named the “illusion dress”, it’s creator tol the New York Post that it makes one’s waist look smaller without having to wear a waist trainer.

Nana Castro said that the dress is actually called the “Mind of My Own” maxi dress and that she wanted to create a dress that “took her back to her old body” before she had a son.

“My waist looks completely snatched. When I put the dress on and saw the way it accentuated my curves, I felt like the old me. I didn’t see ‘mom bod,’ I saw the sexy shape that I had before I had my son,” she said.

By using belts around the waistline, the dress manages to create the perception of an hourglass figure when tied at the front.

Some TikTokkers just had to try the dress to put it to the test. One such user is @Xojemian, who received about 2.7 million views on her review video. In it, she confirmed that the dress does indeed deliver as promised.



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The dress costs only R350 and is currently sold out on an online fashion store called FashionNova.

Locally, the dress is available at Smal Street in Johannesburg.