New adidas sneakers are made from mushrooms

April 16, 2021


It’s their popular Stan Smith shoe made entirely from mushroom-based leather.

Mushrooms aren’t just meant for cooking and eating, it seems. Adidas has announced  that it has created a new version of their popular Stan Smith sneakers – one made entirely from mushroom leather.–recreating-an-icon-made-with-underground-roots-of-mushrooms/s/3403a796-7db3-429c-8a3b-6378c2f962b0

The food-based material is called Mylo and was developed in a collaboration with adidas and a biotech company. The beauty is that this leather is vegan-friendly, seeing as it contains no traces of anything stemming from animals. Apparently, they use mainly the roots of mushrooms to create the leather. Check out the release video on their website.