Netflix drops a new horror movie trilogy

July 6, 2021

“Fear Street” will have new parts released every week.

Netflix has created a new horror movie trilogy. It’s called “Fear Street” and the story is told in three parts. Each week, a new movie (or part) is released on the streaming platform. 

The movie series is based on the books with the same title by R.L. Stine.

While the books were targeted at a teenage audience, the movies are made for adults, with loads of gruesome violence and strong language to go around. 

The trilogy follows the story of horrors that haunt the town of Shadyside. A group of teenagers discover that a series of strange murders and other paranormal events are all linked and have their origin in a curse that was placed on the town many years ago. 

Each movie tells the story of a different time era to set out the connection throughout generations.

Many critics have called “Fear Street” a reinvention of the “Scream” movies, seeing as it is very much an entertaining slasher movie. 

So far, viewers have enjoyed the first part when looking at comments on the internet. Although not anything award-winning, “Fear Street” is set to be a popular story that you probably don’t want to miss.