Matric rewrite to be challenged

December 7, 2020

A rewrite of the Maths and Science papers were scheduled after these papers were leaked earlier in this exam period.

After the 2020 matric Science and Maths papers were leaked earlier in this examination period, the minister of education has scheduled a rewrite for these papers recently. The largest teachers’ union, Sadtu, has however indicated that they are planning on taking legal action against the Department of Basic Education. This comes after the union has apparently consulted with the Minister. Their view is that the rewrite order is premature, as the investigation into the matter has not yet been complete. Other than that, it seems that less than 200 matric learners benefited from the leak and the union feels that a large-scale rewrite is not the most appropriate course of action. The Department of Basic Education has since said that the rewrites will definitely take place.