Man goes viral on TikTok after showing how bags are packed on planes

November 29, 2021

The now famous clip has more than 17 million views!

Something unknown to most travellers is how exactly airport workers go about getting everyone’s checked luggage onto an airplane. Now, a TikTokker has gone viral after giving viewers a behind the scenes look at exactly how this gets done!

Dj Sugue, or @djsugue on TikTok, works at Vancouver International Airport and on November 2, he posted a video showing what “100 bags look like inside the belly of a plane.”


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In the clip, Sugue can be seen stacking the near endless stream of bags with ease. It almost looks like he is playing a game of Tetris with the bags, which he says should be packed in such a way that hard shells are placed at the base of the aircraft and softer bags on top of those.

He explained that it usually takes about 10 to 20 minutes for him to pack 100 bags on a plane, depending on the size of the aircraft and where exactly it is positioned at the airport.

His personal record, though, is stacking 120 bags in just 12 minutes!

The video has gained an astonishing 17 million views on the popular social media app. Since going viral, Segue has started posting TikToks more regularly, showcasing the different kinds of bags he needs to store as well as what the variety of aircraft stowage compartments look like.

Sugue has mentioned that he will be taking even more videos addressing some of the questions he has been receiving about the nature of his job and what he gets up to as part of his job at the airport.