Louis Vuitton drops a “PUPPETS ALL-OVER” crewneck

February 3, 2021

Some are saying it is a rip-off of Walter Van Beirerndonck’s 2016 collection, which contained similar pieces.

Louis Vuitton has just unveiled their Spring/Summer 2021 collection and one of the pieces in the ensemble is causing quite a stir. The “PUPPETS ALL-OVER crewneck is literally as the name suggests a shirt covered in stuffed puppets. About 14 crochet and jersey puppets are very prominently featured on the item.


Some are saying it is a complete rip-off of a similar item of  Walter Van Beirerndonck’s 2016 collection. Louis Vuitton has not commented on these claims. The crewneck also boasts the signature “LV” logos on the puppets, which fans of the brand are loving. The shirt will set you back R120 000.