LEGO celebrates 10 years of NINJAGO with a 5 865-piece City Gardens set

January 24, 2021

It stands 5 storeys tall and comes with 19 minifigures of Ninja characters.

LEGO is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the NINJAGO universe with a five-tier City Gardens set. 

Built with a whopping 5,865 pieces, the structure stands at 29 inches high and 13 inches wide. The ninja house model is loaded with rooms that are designed as Chen’s noodle house, an ice cream shop, a ninja control room and a museum, all of them complete with accessories inspired by the ninjas’ history. 

Interestingly, it took the LEGO team only a week to create this very impressive (and ambitious) set. 

It also arrives with 19 minifigures of the likes of Young Lloyd, Kai, Zane, Urban Cole, Urban Jay, Urban Nya, Misako, Ronin, Hai, Cece, Mei and Tito, and a collectible golden Wu Legacy figure for the anniversary. All of these figures are characters in the popular show, meaning true fans will be getting their money’s worth as these figures would usually be sold separately. 

This set is one of the largest models ever manufactured by LEGO, joining the ranks of the 9,036-piece Colosseum structure. Although the Colosseum structure is still the largest one produced by LEGO, the new NINJAGO set is by far the most complex one, especially thanks to the fact that it reaches five levels in terms of height. 

The Ninjago series started in 2011 and is streaming on Netflix these days. It follows the adventures of four ninjas that were recruited by a skilled sensei. On their journeys, they are often faced with seemingly impossible challenges to overcome. The show, which was also created by LEGO, has become something of a classic among children and the lego sets are widely sold globally to young fans. 

The LEGO NINJAGO City Gardens set is available on the LEGO webstore for approximately $300 USD (R4 700).