Leaked audio reveals assault drama between Boity and Bujy

October 8, 2021

The pair got into a fight last week at an event.

Last week, actress and musician Boity Thulo and radio personality Bujy Bikwa got into a serious fight at a tech event they both were attending in Johannesburg. Now, an audio recording of the brawl has been leaked to the press and it reveals all the drama about the alleged assault.

In the recording, a voice believed to be that of Bujy’s can be heard talking to friends in the presence of Boity about ancestors, saying: “You know what the worst part is? Boity is bragging about ancestors with so much aggressiveness, but she is weak”.

The recording is believed to have been recorded by one of Bujy’s friends.

The tension rose when a voice that sounds like Boity’s suggested that Bujy is not worthy of attending the event in question.

“I’m a bigger person than him…” The person then continues, “Nobody knows who he is. He’s like a nobody. Anytime he shows up anywhere, everyone wonders why is this guy even around.”

“Ja, no, it’s okay, I can receive that. I can receive that, it’s fine,” was the reply from the voice that sounds like Bujy’s.

The argument escalates with screams about a “wet wig” and “fake ancestors”, with a fight that then ensues. A voice similar to that of Bujy is heard allegedly swearing at Boity’s ancestors and parents saying, “It’s okay when you know ancestors are fake … look at you. O tsofetse ma**pa my love. O bua maka. Ms**nu ka nyoko.”

At this point, friends can be heard trying to intervene. “I can pour more. Nobody says such bullsh**t. Everyone is going to know who I am after I fu**k Boity up”. A glass bottle being broken is then heard…” a voice that sounds like Bujy’s said.

Then, a number of different voices can be heard screaming while trying to stop the fight, with one of them saying: “No, don’t do it.” In the background, another voice, which sounds male, can be heard saying, “Bujy no, no, no…” and the ladies’ voices continue asking for calm and for the situation to be diffused. One of them can be heard saying, “It’s a cut.”
Bujy allegedly threw a bottle of liquor at Boity’s face, which led to bruises and cuts on Boity’s face before she was taken to the nearest hospital.

Recently, Boity released a statement, in which she confirmed the incident, saying she had opened a case “against the culprit and would watch how the case unfolds with keen interest”.

The former Metro FM presenter was arrested last week and was released on bail of R2 000 this week.

In his own statement, released on Instagram on Friday, Bujy denied being an abuser and said that he was verbally and physically abused on the day of the incident.

“I have been through the most rough, emotional and difficult time the past few days regarding allegations against me of GBV,” he began.

“…I have been accused of GBV which in no way sits well with me as I have been labelled as an abuser which I am not and it saddens me to see how this has spiraled out with people believing and siding with one side of a story. I was verbally abused and told that my surname has no relation to who I am and because of that, that is why my career is not going anywhere in terms of growth…,” he said.