Kwesta admits that he owes fellow artists royalties from his DaKAR II album

May 7, 2021


This came after DJ Maphorisa took to Instagram Live this week to spill the tea.

The local hitmaker, Kwesta, had admitted that he owes artists that collabed with him on his 2016 album royalties. The ordeal started after DJ Maphorisa took to Instagram Live to spill the tea on the fact that he has not received a sent from Kwesta for his feature on the DaKAR II album. “When someone does something good for you, you have to acknowledge them … show them that you appreciate them,” Maphorisa said. He said that after Kwesta’s rise to success, he changed and he didn’t bother to thank all of those who worked with him on his album. On Twitter, Kwesta admitted that he owes artists royalties.

He did say that he does not handle the payment of royalties himself and that some members of his team are mainly responsible for these kinds of mistakes. Apparently, Sony Music, his label, has started to make payment of royalties in 2020.