Kirstenbosch now has dual-pricing

February 21, 2021

There are now separate rates for South Africans and non-South Africans.

The South African National Biodiversity Institute (Sanbi) has announced that it has made the decision to implement a dual-pricing structure at the Kirstenbosch Gardens. After its annual pricing review, they had to come up with some sort of solution to remedy the damage caused by COVID-19 during 2020. 

They have said that the new pricing will assist them in generating the revenue they need to continue providing a certain level of quality to all visitors. The new pricing will be in place from 1 April 2021. Non-South African residents of 18 years and older will pay R200 for an entry ticket.

South African residents will be able to pay a more cost-effective rate that is only marginally more expensive than the current rate; adults (18 years and older) will pay R80, and South African students R45.

All learners between 6 – 17 will pay only R25, regardless of their nationality. All children younger than 6 will be able to enter the gardens (with an adult accompanying them) for free. 

To claim the lower ticket rate, South African residents over 18 years can show their ID, a certified paper copy of their ID, an electronic copy of their ID, or their driver’s license. Students from a South African tertiary institute need to show their student cards to qualify for the South African student rate.