Kim Jong Un “alive and well” according to North Korean officials.

April 27, 2020

He hasn’t been seen in public since 11 April, leading to many speculating that he is dead.

Kim Jong Un, the controversial leader of North Korea, was last seen in public between 11 and 13 April. He has been abnormally quiet over the past couple of weeks, leading to many speculations that he has, in fact, died. North Korean officials have, however, furiously denied this saying that their leader is “alive and well”. Rumour has it that Kim Jong Un had to undergo serious surgery, which is now leading to a decline in his health due to complications. According to various journalists with sources in the North Korean government, only a very small circle of people know what is actually going on with Jong Un. Possibly the only way to end the speculation that he had died would be for him to make a public appearance.