Keen to get a piece of Donda while we wait for Kanye’s new album to drop? Well, you can buy a bag of air from the official listening party!

July 27, 2021

A fan is selling air from the event for R50K on eBay.

Last week, Kanye hosted a listening party in Atlanta to give fans a sense of what they can expect from his highly anticipated new album, Donda. 

To date, the album has not yet been released, even though it was scheduled to drop at midnight last week Friday. The album has been delayed for more than a year as it currently stands. 

However, if you are a serious Kanye fan you might be able to bag something from the concert – a literal sample of air. One fan who attended the event filled a Ziplock bag with oxygen from the event venue and posted it on eBay.

He has set his opening price at R50 000 and stated that he does not accept returns. The bag is labelled with the words “Air from DONDA DROP” and the photo used in the listing shows the fan holding up the filled bag in the stadium Kanye hosted the event in. 

Fans have been eagerly awaiting for any news from Kanye about when the album will be available. In particular, people are excited to see that Jay-Z and Kanye have patched things up, seeing as they collaborated for a track on the new album.