Joe Exotic writes to Kim K to ask for her help in his application for Presidential Pardon

December 7, 2020

Joe has lodged a 252-page application to the President of the USA.

The Sun has revealed that Joe Exotic, the star of the Netflix series, Tiger King, has written to Kim Kardashian to ask for her help with his Presidential Pardon application. Joe, who is serving 22 years in prison after being convicted of hiring a hitman to kill nemesis Carole Baskin, is hoping that Trump will grant him a pardon before he leaves office in January. Joe pleaded with Kim to take 10 minutes out of her day to consult with President Trump to consider his 252-page petition for pardon. Distressed Joe went on to say: “I’ve lost 57 years of work, my zoo, animals, my mother has died, my dad is dying, and I’ve been taken away from my husband who I love dearly.”