Hunter Schafer from Euphoria named as one of the upcoming style icons of 2021

January 6, 2021

Vogue mentioned that she has massive influence among Gen Z’s.

Hunter Schafer is just 21-years old and has already secured a very successful career as an actor. This comes after her role as co-star in the HBO hit-series, Euphoria. Schafer played the role of Jules, alongside Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman.

She is, however, not just known for her career as an actor, but also as a model. Before her TV-show stardom, Schafer was a very popular model. She has performed runway shows for top fashion brands like Dior and Miu Miu. It seems that besides being in high-demand by these high-profile brands, Schafer also enjoys fashion and playing around with new, experimental trends.

Schafer also gives a lot of voice and representation to the LGBTQ community in the fashion industry. As a trans woman, she is paving the way for equality and diversity in the sector.

Vogue, as a leading source of fashion-related news, has named Hunter Schafer as one of the biggest up and coming style icons of 2021, especially among Gen Z’s. This is likely due to her rise to fame from Euphoria, which was watched mainly by a younger audience due to its themes and plot.

Schafer has drawn attention not just because her style is so distinctive, but also because of the palpable sense of joy she takes in wearing fashion. One is more likely to find her beaming from ear to ear and swishing her Givenchy skirt than delivering the standard step-and-repeat death stare.

On 24 January, a special episode of Euphoria is set to release. This will be the second installment of a two-part special HBO has created.