‘Here Comes the Boy’ cat from TikTok now has its own Instagram account.

July 27, 2021

The sound from the cat’s first video has been used 13 000 times by other TikTok users already.

In June, the owner of a gray cat, @june_banoon, took a video of her pet walking towards her. In the TikTok post, one can hear her calling her feline friend with words like, “Here comes the boy! Hello boy! Welcome! There is he is. He is here”. For some reason, the video and the audio in particular became a near instant hit. The clip has been used more than 13 000 times by other users to show off their own pets walking around. In terms of views, it has received a whopping 28 million! Now, the cat, called “Mashed Potatoes” has joined Instagram too. The cat’s owner said that she has so many pictures of her “handsome” pet, that she just had to open up an Instagram account to brag with him.



He lives down the road and we call him Mashed Potatoes #fyp #TakisTransformation #cat #catsoftiktok

♬ original sound – June ✨