Harry & Francesca from ‘Too Hot To Handle’ have broken up

June 23, 2020

According to her, it is due to the distance between them.

Late last week, news broke that the hit couple from Netflix’s new dating show, “Too Hot To Handle”, Harry and Francesca, broke up. They were one of the few couples to stay together for some time after the show aired. According to Francesca, they split because of the distance between them as she is in the USA and he is based in Australia. The COVID-19 pandemic also hampered their plans to travel to each other. Harry, however, has come out to say that they actually broke up because of his mental health issues. In a new video he uploaded, he says that is he continued with the relationship, he would have continued to be deeply depressed. Many are keeping a close eye on their social media accounts for signs of who their new lovers will be