Google Workspace to get loads of new features

March 4, 2021

They want to make remote work even easier with their platform.

Google Workspace will get a range of updates within the next few weeks. All of these additions are aimed at making remote working even easier for those who use their platform for emails and apps like Docs, Sheets and Slides. 

Time management

Some of the updates include changes to Google Calendar so that you can let your colleagues know when you are working from which location. Users will also be able to set flexible out-of-office-hours to let co-workers know that they won’t be available in selected timeslots. Sounds perfect if you need to fetch the kids from school or take your lunch break. 

Another cool new feature is the ability to set “focus times”. The idea of this tool is to minimise the amount of notifications users get so that they can sit and get deep work done. Co-workers will be able to see when their colleagues are busy with “focus time” when viewing their availability. 

They are also expanding Google’s availability indicators. Users can now see when their co-workers are available in Calendar, Meet and Chat. 

Better collaboration

Google Workforce is built on the idea that collaboration in any company is paramount to its success. They already have excellent collab tools, like the ability to edit the same document in real-time, while chatting with colleagues on the same page.

Google Meet will get new second-screen abilities to further expand on their collaboration tools. This means users can now use multiple devices or screens to do different tasks on Google Meet. You can run a poll from your phone, while still seeing your colleagues on your main computer screen, for instance. 

They are also working on improving their screen-in-screen functions and split-screen options so that you don’t have to choose between viewing a document and seeing your co-workers. 

Google Workspace Frontline

For frontline workers, Google is working on a version of Workspace that is built specifically for medical staff and doctors. They have not yet released too much detail about this, but we understand this solution will feature enhanced security, easier communication modes and integration with hospital systems and equipment to cater to the challenges frontline workers face on a daily basis. 

No timeline on these upgrades has been released just yet.