Google is building a digital vaccine card into the new version of Android

July 1, 2021

It will showcase which vaccine you received, when you had it and where.

As the world slowly but steadily moves towards a vaccinated population in its fight against COVID-19, Google has stepped in with a new plan to make it easier for people to record and store information relating to the jabs they received. 

The tech giant is working on a new feature for its Android operating system that makes provision for a digital vaccine card. This card will be added to a user’s device after they receive their jabs and it will detail the name of the vaccine they received, when they had it and in which location. 

In this way, Google aims to make it easier for people to verify that they are indeed inoculated while at the same time relieving the burden from healthcare workers, who are still mainly relying on handwritten cards as proof of someone’s vaccination. There has been a rise of fraudulent vaccine cards in the USA recently, which is threatening the success of their vaccine efforts (and ultimately, their economy).

Google is correctly anticipating that pretty soon, having been vaccinated will be a requirement for things like international travel. In Ireland, for instance, many indoor hospitality venues, like restaurants, have now made it a requirement for guests to present proof of  their vaccination before being allowed entry to the venue.

Having a digital card that is scannable seems like a good idea if, going forward, more situations like the above will become commonplace.  

The feature will also allow users to store their latest COVID test results for easy digital access. For now, it will only be available in the USA after development but it is likely to expand globally shortly after the initial release.