GoBinge’s Grilled presenter to host IG live for the release of the new Hot Ones x Reebok sneakers

February 27, 2021


The Godly Giemba will interview the guys from Kace and J Something on Sunday at 18:00.

On Sunday, 17 February, GoBinge’s Grilled presenter, Nicholas Manuel will be hosting an IG Live on Reebok’s official Instagram account for the release of their new highly-anticipated Hot Ones x Reebok sneakers. 

Better known as the Godly Giemba, Nic will interview the guys from Kace, the popular South African YouTube show and local artist, J Something.

During the live, Nic will challenge his guests to take part in several HOT challenges in the spirit of the Hot Ones show. It’s guaranteed to be something fans won’t want to miss.

Besides Grilled, The Godly Giemba also hosts the hot wing challenge show, Sterkbek, which has seen many South Africans sweat it out while trying to answer his questions, all the while trying to maintain at least a shred of composure. His role as the presenter of Sterkbek is one of the main reasons why Reebok called on Nic to host the Live.

With the success of his food show, Grilled, Nic is now probably one of the most popular street style foodies in the country, making him all the more suited to be the one to help drop the Hot Ones x Reebok kicks. 

This release is the second edition of the Hot Ones collab with Reebok. It will see two new shoes introduced to the market – White CL Legacies and Red Questions Mid’s. After tomorrow’s Live, the shoes will be available at Reebok Concept Stores as well as Reebok’s online shop.

The IG Live starts tomorrow at 18:00.