GoBinge and Dream Team World form branded entertainment partnership

November 5, 2020


GoBinge, a subsidiary of Just Brands Africa, a video-first digital marketing agency, has entered into a co-production and commercial partnership with Dream Team World, leaders in branded entertainment and the production of original brand-funded Television Series. The collaboration is aimed at driving GoBinge’s branded entertainment offering and positioning the Agency as a serious contender and one of Africa’s most influential media youth and disruptor brands to emerge from Cape Town’s digital filmmaking scene.

GoBinge was founded in 2018 by local marketing entrepreneur Francois van Louw, who saw an opportunity to produce and distribute local, branded entertainment to Africa’s youth. Having worked in the marketing and content creation industry for over a decade, Van Louw argues that traditional forms of media, like print and TV, are fast becoming irrelevant to a growing YouTube and online content-consumption generation. Says GoBinge Founder Francois van Louw, “Today, on-demand and digital platforms are the go-to destination for those looking to consume content, whether that be for entertainment, information, shopping or a host of other lifestyle services. I launched GoBinge as content platform focused on delivering to millennials and generation Z.”

Dream Team World is the brainchild of creative director and one of South Africa’s most awarded TV commercial producers, Peter Gird, and sponsorship and customer engagement specialist, Lara Black. Established a year ago to provide TV production, brand funding and branded entertainment solutions to broadcasters, brands, producers, media and advertising agencies the duo have been working in the TV and branded entertainment industry for the last ten years, spearheading and producing brand funded Series like the successful multi-season reality TV franchise, Ultimate Braai Master; and applying brand-sponsored solutions to successful global TV franchise brands like The Bachelor, Survivor and most recently, The Bachelorette for M-Net.

According to Dream Team World Commercial Director and Partner, Lara Black, the partnership allows the Agency to apply its’ proprietary branded entertainment integration model to a number of original and home-grown GoBinge content assets to deliver real-world value across complex customer and audience networks.  “Marketing budgets are increasingly seeing better value invested in non-traditional digital and social media platforms where the engagement can be tracked, measured and amplified in real time, with increasingly sophisticated technologies supporting an embedded online trial and/or purchase strategy that is far more valuable to brands than audience ratings alone,” she comments.

What does GoBinge do?

GoBinge produces and distributes various web-series geared towards the South African youth market. Their shows, which feature local influencers and celebrity talent are short, uncensored and built for on-the-go viewing, especially packaged for bite-sized entertainment.

Some of the most renowned shows that GoBinge has produced are The MVP Club, hosted by Cape Town DJ Tarryn Kay (TK), Sheeca’s Closet, presented by entertainer and influencer Rasheeqah Karriem-Hock, Grilled, with local food-lover and comedian Nicholas Manual and more recently, The Not So Normal Show which is hosted by popular media influencer Nadia Jaftha.  GoBinge includes a division dedicated to compiling daily pop culture news stories which covers topics like local and international news, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, tech and music. The Agency uses its own platform to host these features, which it leverages using Instagram to communicate headlines and lead stories to its followers.

From left to right:


Louis du Toit – Producer / Director | Kwenzokuhle Khoza – Videographer | Francky Kalombo – Web Developer | Francois Evertse – Editor | Peter Gird – Executive Producer / Partner | Jurgens Dreyer – Videographer / Editor | Francois Van Louw – Founder / CEO | Lourens Vorster – Creative Director | Lara Black – Commercial Director / Partner | Leeroy Ntini – Videographer | Tarryn Kay Van Louw – Producer / Host | Carl Martin – Producer |


Not Present:


Keenan Bouwer – Head of Operations | Michelle Mert – Finance Manager | Nikita Tse – Animation | Muneeba Vieira – Graphic Designer | Dominique Jossie – Producer



Branded Entertainment

According to GoBinge, branded entertainment is one of the fastest growing segments of the modern advertising industry.  Says van Louw, “By producing original, and entertaining content that audiences are likely to engage with, means we are able to offer brands an opportunity to integrate relevant brand messaging into the fabric of the content, without diluting the production and entertainment values. Some of the major brands that we’ve worked with in the past include Skyy Vodka and Burger King. Dream Team World provides both the branded entertainment and brand funding expertise that we’ve identified as imperative for GoBinge to increase its production of ad-funded digital entertainment assets and become a serious contender in this space.”

Dream Team World x GoBinge

When asked to comment on the partnership, Francois Van Louw said that they are looking forward to each party bringing their unique skill set to the table to break into the African market. Dream Team World, with their wealth of influential relationships and connections, will assist in creating deals and partnerships for GoBinge and the content they produce. “Dream Team World brings with it massive experience when it comes to working with local and global TV channels and producing world class entertainment. Through our partnership with them, GoBinge can now start developing and producing content for television that extends into the digital GoBinge universe where we’ll feature behind-the-scenes and curated content from the Series,” he went on to say.

GoBinge is also looking forward to gaining valuable industry insights and accessing distribution knowledge that Dream Team World has garnered over the years; while GoBinge offers a competitive production model and a tech-savvy approach to understanding and infiltrating the African youth market. The partners plan on better leveraging their collective strengths to increase their mind and market share as a creatively edgy and price-competitive branded content and marketing agency.  The powerful collaboration between GoBinge and Dream Team World will see the Agency developing and nurturing new talent while bringing original, world-class local content to African youth audiences that brands will be eager to invest in.