Get a glimpse of the “worst apartment” in New York

February 7, 2021

A TikTok user shared a video of the bathroom less flat.

New York City is known for its ridiculously high rates on property. One TikTok user, @newyorkcityrealtor took a video of what he claims is the works apartment in the city. The flat is super tiny, has no bathroom, no stove and only a mini-fridge. 

On the video, which has been viewed more than 21 million times at the time this article was written, you can see a single small closet, barely enough for most people’s wardrobe. 

“Before you ask, yes, this is a real apartment. This is what $1,650 gets you in the most desirable neighbourhood in New York City,” Knowlton the TikTok user says into the camera.

When asked by AFP where the apartment is located, the realtor only commented saying that it is in West Village. He did not want to give an exact address our of fear for the landlord’s property and privacy. 

Knowlton confirmed that the flat really is up for rent and that his video is no joke. He works for another real estate company and found the flat listed on a property website that estate agents use to find property for their buyers. 

TikTok users were outraged by the bizarre flat, which will set you back about R25 000 per month in South African terms.

“That’s not an apartment. It’s a compartment,” wrote one user.

Another user compared the price to a house that one can get for that figure in other destinations, like Texas. 

Other users confirmed the reality of the flat, saying that their first apartment in New York City really resembled what is seen in the video. 

Last year, Deutsche Bank ranked New York as the third most expensive city to rent behind Hong Kong and San Francisco, although prices have fallen due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Click here to watch the video.