Fashion label hosts a drive-in fashion show at Paris Fashion Week

March 10, 2021

Coperni arranged that 70 guests are picked up at their hotels and brought to the outside runway.

Paris Fashion Week, in its new digital format, meant that labels had to come up with new ways of presenting their latest creations to fashion-lovers and influencers. 

That’s exactly what the team at Coperni did when they decided to host the first-ever drive-in fashion show. They arranged that about 70 guests were picked up from their hotels in electric cars and brought to the outside runway. 

The cars, once parked, tuned into a radio frequency so they can hear announcements and music as models parade in exceptional new designs. The cars’ headlights were used as the main source of lighting on the runway, instead of the typical stage lights that one would expect in a normal venue.

The fashion show was streamed exclusively on Instagram, using the platform’s new Live Rooms feature. This allowed the producers of the event to capture the scenes from the runway at three different angles.

The items in this collection are two-pronged. Firstly, they focus on nightlife clothing, meant to attract fashion-lovers after COVID-19 is but a faint memory. Secondly, the release also has comfortable items meant to be worn while chilling at home, which many people have become accustomed to while staying at home during the global pandemic.