Fans are not impressed with Kendall Jenner’s Elle covers

July 21, 2021

Apparently, people found her facial expression and mood very bland.

Kendall Jenner might be a supermodel, but it seems her fans prefer her on the runway instead of on the cover of fashion magazines. Jenner recently featured on the cover of two editions of the USA Vogue. 

Zoey Grossman captured Jenner in all sorts of expensive, flashy Celine outfits, but people on Twitter still found her expression and general mood in the photos boring. 

Critics have said that they are disappointed with the fact that she looks the same on both covers. This led them to be negative about her actual modelling abilities when a camera is involved.

“Now see … why would you, as a publication, approve this shoot or even pick out these photos when you already have another photoshoot far better than this one that is going in the *same* issue, do you *really* want two covers this bad? I mean we all know why but, you know, why????” commented @LAVIDAPRADA

In harsher comments, some users suggested that if she entered America’s Next Top Model with these images, she would be out sooner, rather than later.

“She has the same face in three of the pictures. I will always say she would be eliminated on week 3 of ANTM,” said @mal_i_que.

Others felt that she could have given it more.

Another user argued that the pictures of Jenner give her “Tumblr vibes”.

Nor Jenner or Elle have reacted to the backlash just yet.