Explosive Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah set to shake the monarchy at its core

March 8, 2021


The interview will be on M-Net tonight at 19:30.

Last night, Oprah released an exclusive interview with ex-royals, Harry and Meghan. The explosive, no-limits discussion has been highly-anticipated and finally hit American viewers last night. In the interview, Meghan revealed shocking details of how the royals treated her during her time at Buckingham Palace. She also spilled the tea on the fact that she was so depressed while living under the Crown that she actually experienced suicidal thoughts. Harry, who was also part of the interview, said that he was so glad he and his wife were able to face the Crown on their own, unlike his mother, Diana, who had to leave on her own. The interview, which is set to rock the monarchy at its core, will be broadcast on M-Net tonight at 19:30.